Joint Mobility


Chiropractic adjustments performed by a Licensed Chiropractor are utilized to restore motion to a joint. These are efficient and painless and can help improve a joint’s ability to move correctly, reducing pain and improving overall function.


Soft Tissue Therapy


Sports Massage: Athlete-grade release therapy performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist will help with circulation, tension, and overall function of the muscle.


Cupping:  A negative pressure massage. Lifts the skin and connective tissue to increase blood flow, move lymphatic fluid, and promote healing to new and old injuries. 


Shockwave Therapy: Pressurized sound waves that relieve chronic pain caused by connective tissue tension. Shockwaves perforate the fascia and create millions of micro traumas within the tissue to aid in the recovery process. 


Lymphatic Drainage: Lymphatic drainage massage gently manipulates specific areas of your body to help eliminate toxins, support recovery and soreness, improve blood circulation, and more! 


Corrective Exercise


Dynamic strength training, performed by a NASM Certified Personal Trainer helps with proper movement. We create a customized program, formed to suit your needs, using the most advanced and up-to-date strength training and rehab protocols to promote healing and improve mobility and recovery.




Normatec recovery boots: increasing blood flow to specific parts of the body, encouraging your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to those areas. You can speed up recovery, relieve pain and improve athletic performance. Benefits of Normatec include:


  • Reduce swelling and inflammation 
  • Speed up muscle recovery 
  • Prevent delayed-onset muscle soreness 
  • Relieve muscle pain
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Remove exercise-related wastes, like lactic acid 
  • Decrease muscle fatigue 

Hyperice vibration recovery tools: percussion and vibration help bring circulation to assist in tissue recovery. These tools are incorporated in various appointments to assist in making your session more effective and comfortable.