About UrbanMed

UrbanMed is DTLA’s premier sports performance and rehab facility. We believe movement is the key to living a pain free life. Our dedicated team of professionals will help assess, maintain, and achieve all of your movement goals with our proven three phase assessment model. These three phases include:


  • Joint mobility
  • Tissue mobility
  • Corrective Exercise


Each of these phases are addressed in personalized treatment plans, which we craft based on your specific needs. Whether you want to achieve your body’s optimal performance or are looking to get rid of a nagging injury, we can help you meet your goals.

Joint Mobility – Chiropractic adjustments are utilized to restore motion to a joint. These are efficient and painless and can help improve a joint’s ability to move correctly, reducing pain and improving overall function.

Tissue Lengthening – We use various soft tissue techniques to help relax and lengthen shortened muscles. This creates a window of decreased pain, allowing us to strengthen weak and painful areas for long-lasting results.

Corrective Exercise – Once we have reduced pain and restored motion, corrective exercise is introduced to maintain results. We utilize the most up-to-date strength training and rehab protocols to promote healing and improve recovery.

At UrbanMed, we work tirelessly to ensure each program is individualized to address your body’s specific experience and needs.