Rachel Butler-Green CSCS

Rachel Butler- Green is a professional dancer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has worked in injury prevention and rehabilitation for dancers and non-dancers for the past 5 years. Her philosophy as a trainer is to provide her clients with a strong foundation of training by teaching proper core techniques, implementing appropriate muscle flexibility, and training with functional movements that prepare her clients for whatever activities they wish to pursue. Each client’s training program is specifically designed to suit his or her individual need whether they are a dancer, competitive athlete, surfer, CEO, recreational activities participant, elderly, preparing for surgery, recovering from surgery, or just want to get in shape look good and feel great.  Her experience lies in strength and conditioning, muscle building, functional training, power and agility training, core training, yoga, and flexibility.  “I am motivated to help others reach their goals by sharing my insight on healthy living and physical fitness.” Rachel is currently accepting new private and group clients.