Kyle Burton, L.Ac.

Kyle Burton first started studying the body in 2001 at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing by learning Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. While becoming certified, he was introduced and started to practice Tai Chi and Yoga. After being able to help patients with pain with hands on therapy, he decided to switch from allopathic medicine to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Not only did he graduate with high honors, he also independently went to Asia and observed acupuncturists on three different occasions to see how acupuncture was used back in China and Taiwan versus how it is taught here in the states.

Kyle opened his private practice, Original Breath Acupuncture, in 2006 after interning at the UCLA Arthur Ashe Medical Center and the Los Angeles Free Clinic. He works collaboratively with an Osteopathic Doctor, Doctors of Chiropractic, and physical therapists. Aside from the mandatory training to become an acupuncturist, Kyle also studied privately with a Qi Gong Grand Master. In 2007, he went to Taiwan and led the US team in the International Martial Arts Championship, taking first place. Kyle’s passion can easily be seen in all the extracurricular activities he has done which has helped him become a prominent, well established physician of alternative medicine.