Jenifer Le Grand

Jenifer Le Grand recently relocated from Miami, FL and now calls LA home.  She specializes in both Hatha and Yin Yoga therapy which addresses the connective tissue with long, slow, and deep movements, with an emphasis on breath work.

As a Certified Yoga Instructor in both Hatha and Yin yoga with over 5 years of teaching experience in both group and private classes, Jenifer is able to effectively balance the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga to provide students with a well-rounded practice that always leaves them feeling lighter in body and spirit. She has extensive group and private class training where she has lead a vinyasa flow for beginner and also strong vinyasa for multi-level individuals. She is always mindful to provide plenty of options for individuals with minimal yoga experience or those recovering from injury. Her private sessions offer an in-depth understanding of her client’s goals and needs.

Jenifer is always finding fun, creative ways to practice and share it with others. Her warmth, compassion and genuine enthusiasm for yoga are contagious and keeps students coming back for more!

“Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.” – Michael McGriffy M.D.