Emilie Perz

Emilie Perz was voted one of Los Angeles’ best yoga instructors and specializes in yoga medicine, which features yoga as a modality of healing.  Clients receive an individualized therapeutic yoga prescription that addresses specific muscular disorders and overall health and wellness. Emilie’s detail-oriented teachings reveal how yoga postures mirror the practical movements we make in life and how learning to align the body precisely can create energy and equanimity in the body. With a hands-on approach she guides her students through a refined practice focusing on anatomical and educational cues that inspire students to take control of their own personal health and wellbeing.
Emilie has completed over 1,000 hours of yoga anatomy training in shoulder, hip and spine dysfunction. She is a Senior Yoga Medicine teacher under the direction of founder Tiffany Cruikshank, with whom she has traveled extensively assisting teacher trainings and workshops all over the world. Emilie weaves her knowledge on yoga, sports medicine and therapeutics into her public classes while working privately with professional athletes, celebrities and individuals with injuries.